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Curriculum Vitae by Mind Map: Curriculum Vitae

1. Work Experience

1.1. Industry Experience

1.1.1. BharatSolarEnergy pvt ltd, Pune Freelance Project Manager Responsibilities To meet Solar Project client, Making Presentations,Closing the Deals

1.1.2. Smart Talents Pvt ltd Roles Manage Clients, Show PPTs, Counselling Candidates PR Manager Plus Counsellor

1.2. Creative Experience

1.2.1. The Life of a Sage (Kolkata) A international Documentary on Swami Abedananda [ The last living direct disciple of Sri Paramhansadeva ] Member of The Research Team under the directorship of Mr. Supriyo Sen Responsibilities To find out Significant events, Conversations, Turning Points, Letters, Emotional Conflict related to Childhood & early life of Swami Abhedananda Discover The Root of the Issue (arousal of Spirituality in Swami Abhedananda during his early life) Motivational Factors Opportunity to work under the directorship of Mr. Supriyo Sen Opportunity for being a part of an international documentary project Opportunity to research on a query of Ramkrishna Vedanta Math Opportunity to organize myself to a better professional JULY 7,2015-DATE

1.3. Management Projects

1.3.1. TATA TELCON (Jamshedpur) A Project on promoting vendor management through online under the guideline of Mr. J.K. Jain (AGM,Tata Telcon ) During 2003-2004

1.3.2. STANDARD PHARMA (Kolkata) A Project on Customer Loyalty 2003-2004

2. Skills

2.1. Languages

2.1.1. English Bengali

2.2. IT

2.2.1. Programs MS Office Excellent

2.2.2. Systems Windows

2.2.3. Development HTML CSS Javascipt

2.3. Other


3. Personal Details

3.1. Arup Ray

3.2. October-26-1979

3.3. Contact details

3.3.1. [email protected]

3.3.2. +91 9831769309

3.3.3. 6/16, S.m.nagar Housing estate ph2,ownership BBT road, Kolkata 700143

3.3.4. Skype ID arup.ray8

3.3.5. Skype id arup.ray8

3.4. Online Profiles


4. Education


4.2. 2002 - 2005

4.2.1. W.B.U.T Kolkata

4.2.2. Business Management


4.3. 1990-1996

4.3.1. Behala Arya Vidya Mandir , Kolkata