Ethics and the College Student

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Ethics and the College Student by Mind Map: Ethics and the College Student

1. Timeline

1.1. Topic

1.2. Outline

1.3. Rough Draft

1.4. Editing

1.5. Final Product

2. Possible change of topics or added topics depending on developing of current topic

3. Research Tools

3.1. Military Library

3.2. APUS Library

3.3. The web

4. Academic Dishonesty

4.1. Teamwork

4.1.1. Students help each other cheat

4.1.2. Students develop ways to overcome the systems in place to catch cheaters

4.2. Online vs Face to face

4.2.1. It is easier to cheat online because of no pressure

4.2.2. Students feel less guilty in an online environment

4.2.3. Enforcing academic honesty has less of an impact because of reading it or hearing it through a computer KPI's

4.3. Age

4.3.1. The older you become the more ethical as well

4.3.2. Age determines maturity due to experience

4.4. Gender

4.4.1. Males cheat easier compared to females

4.4.2. Females are more ethical