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Waii Kru by Mind Map: Waii Kru

1. The place and time to have the ceremony.

1.1. It mostly takes place in June or July,soon after the start of the new academic year.

1.2. It is held each year in every school and university throughout the country.

2. The things,flowers and plant that used and their meanings.

2.1. 1.The kem flower

2.1.1. Proverbial needle

2.2. 2.The makeua or eggplant flower

2.2.1. Respect

2.3. 3.Bermuda grass or Ya prack

2.3.1. Humble

2.3.2. Growth and spread of knowledge in a student.

3. The reason to have the ceremony.

3.1. Respect for teachers of students.

4. The process of ceremony.

4.1. 1. The school principal lighting candles and joss stick and paying homage to the Buddha image.

4.2. 2.A senior pupil reads a payer or wish alound.

4.2.1. Repeat in unison by other pupils.

4.3. 3.The head pupil of each class in turn presents gifts and flowers to the teachers.The ceremony ends with the school principal deliver a speech and blessing a symbolic book.

5. The persons who join the ceremony.

5.1. 1.The school principal

5.2. 2.Teachers

5.3. 3.All students