Foundations of Education

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Foundations of Education by Mind Map: Foundations of Education

1. Politics of Education

1.1. Conservative view of education is that individuals must compete in the social environment in order to survive, and human progress is dependent on individual initiative and drive.

1.2. The traditional view focuses on the passing of norms of U.S. society to students.

2. History of U.S. Education

2.1. NCLB is a educational reform that has had a huge impact on education today. NCLB was an act taht was passed by Bush requiring a certain score on core classes.

2.2. Democratic-Liberal Schools believe that history involves a school system that should be committed to providing equal chances for all.

3. Sociological Perspectives

3.1. Interaction Theory is a school of thought that primarily critiques and extends both the functional and conflict perspectives. It focuses on interactions between teachers and students.

3.2. Knowledge and attitudes is a effect on schooling that relates social class to results.

4. Philosophy of Education

4.1. Pragmatic

5. Schools as Organizations

5.1. School systems

6. Curriculum and Pedagogy

6.1. humanist

6.2. functionalist

7. Equality of Opportunity

8. Educational Inequality

9. Educational Reform