My Foundations of Education

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My Foundations of Education by Mind Map: My Foundations of Education

1. Politics of Education

1.1. Liberal Perspective

1.1.1. Franklin D. Roosevelt

1.1.2. John Maynard Keynes

1.1.3. John F. Kennedy

1.2. Traditional Vision

1.2.1. hard work

1.2.2. family unit

1.2.3. individual initiative

2. History of U.S. Education

2.1. Education for Women and African Americans

2.1.1. Emma Hart Willard Troy Female Seminary

2.1.2. Catharine Esther Beecher

2.1.3. Mary Lyon Mount Holyoke Seminary

2.1.4. Benjamin Roberts Roberts v. City of Boston

2.2. Democratic-Liberal School

2.2.1. Ellwood Cubberly

2.2.2. Merle Curti

2.2.3. Lawrence A. Cremin popularization and multitudinousness

3. Sociological Perspectives

3.1. Functional Theories

3.1.1. Emile Durkheim Moral Education Evolution of Educational Thought Education and Sociology

3.2. Effects of Schooling on Individuals

3.2.1. Employment

3.2.2. Teacher behavior

3.2.3. Student Peer Groups and Alienation

4. Philosophy of Education

4.1. Phenomenology

4.1.1. focused mainly on the phenomena consciousness perception meaning

4.1.2. key researchers Edmund Husserl Martin Heidegger Jean Paul Sartre

4.1.3. goal of education notion of possibility

4.1.4. role of the teacher take risks expose themselves to resistant students work constantly ro enable their students to become "wide awake"

4.1.5. methods of instruction view learning as intensely personal just as they are currently taught in schools of education

4.1.6. curriculum heavily biased toward the humanities art, drama, and music encouraged

5. Schools as Organizations

5.1. state senators

5.1.1. senior senator, Richard Shelby

5.1.2. junior senator, Jefferson "Jeff" Sessions

5.2. house of representatives

5.2.1. district 1 Bradley Byrne

5.2.2. district 2 Martha Roby

5.2.3. district 3 Mike Rogers

5.2.4. district 4 Robert Aderholt

5.2.5. district 5 Mo Brooks

5.2.6. district 6 Gary Palmer

5.2.7. district 7 Terri Sewell

5.3. state superintendent

5.3.1. Tommy Bice

5.4. representative on state school board

5.4.1. Yvette Richardson

5.5. local superintendent

5.5.1. Gary Williams

5.6. local school board

5.6.1. Ralton Baker

5.6.2. Shannon Oliver

5.6.3. Terry Welborn

5.6.4. Pat Cochran

5.6.5. Mike Shewbart

6. Curriculum and Pedagogy

6.1. developmentalist curriculum

6.1.1. sudent centered

6.1.2. relates curriculum to needs and interests of each child at particular developmental stages

6.1.3. stressed flexibility

6.1.4. teacher acts as a facilitator of student growth

6.2. modern functionalist theory

6.2.1. stressed the role of schools in preparing students for modern society

6.2.2. teach the general values and norms essential to modern society

7. Equality of Opportunity

8. Educational Inequality

9. Educational Reform