South University PlaySpace

Implementing a play space at South University to foster collaboration and facilitate learning needs of the multicultural organization.

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South University PlaySpace by Mind Map: South University PlaySpace

1. Vision

1.1. Provide highest standards in academics

1.2. Help shape character of students

1.3. Emphasize importance of community involvement and volunteerism

1.4. Continual personal growth of students

1.5. Philosophy of lifelong learning

2. Mission

2.1. educational opportunities for intellectual, social, and professional development

2.2. curriculum promotes critical thinking, effective verbal and written communication, and skills for life-long learning

2.3. developing the requisites to pursue and appreciate knowledge

3. PlaySpace

3.1. Dancing releases tension and generates positive energy; thus fostering ideas for creativity and innovation. Mission is to promote critical thinking for students, dancing will help to promote critical thinking of employees

3.2. Dance off of latest dance craze

3.3. Hacky sack is a team game. Learning to work as a team helps to build character. Learning takes place all the time, in the classroom and in meetings with fellow employees

3.4. De-stress Hacky Sack

3.5. The more employees meet, the more they are building a community among each other. The vision of the university is to emphasize community involvement. when employees are involved as a community they will be able to project that for students. The vision of community involvement is the same for students and employees

3.6. Weekly Brunch and Learn meetings

4. Physical Space: Idea Room

4.1. Blue-calming

4.2. Oval-continuous flow of energy

4.3. Pillows-whimsical patters for creativity

4.4. Props-stress ball, radio

4.5. Sofas-multiple seating, comfortable

5. Innovation

5.1. new ideas

5.2. new approaches

6. Learning

7. Change