How can you be ESL aware in your classroom?

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How can you be ESL aware in your classroom? by Mind Map: How can you be ESL aware in your classroom?

1. Lesson Planning

1.1. Provide Glossary of key words, including common misconceptions

1.2. Activate prior learning at the beginning of a lesson, tie together with previous lessons

1.3. Provide multiple pathways for students to demonstrate understanding and comprehenion

2. Classroom Delivery

2.1. Use varying delivery

2.2. check for understanding, use paraphrasing

2.3. Give time to allow responses and discussions

3. language awareness

3.1. Be aware of the playground vs. academic language used

3.2. Are there any ambiguities relating to metaphoric uses of language, or other?

3.3. Which key words have multiple meanings, where context provides the specific meaning?

4. knowing the students

4.1. Find out if there are ESL/EAL/D students

4.2. Find out if there are students with LD that require additional support to access material/lesson

4.3. Find out what the student prior knowledge level is

5. modified materials

5.1. Ensure that adequate scaffolding is provided for all projects, incl text tyoes etc

5.2. Address learning how to learn, and provide tools and strategies along with content

5.3. Model/Demonstrate pronunciations incl. rhythm and intonation and pronunciation stressing

6. Program planning

6.1. Add international dimension to the choice of materials/projects

6.2. support themes of globalisation and interdependence, identity and cultural diversity, dimensions of change, social justice, human rights, peace building and conflict, and sustainability (Dept. of Victoria - Curriculum Guide)

6.3. Be responsive to changing needs