Gender-Specific Schools or Classrooms

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Gender-Specific Schools or Classrooms by Mind Map: Gender-Specific Schools or Classrooms

1. Brain Development

1.1. Boys

1.1.1. Brains larger than girls' brains

1.1.2. Perform better on visual or spatial tasks

1.1.3. Developmentally two years behind girls in reading and writing within first few days of school

1.1.4. Score higher on math and science than girls

1.2. Girls

1.2.1. Almost 20% more grey matter than males

1.2.2. More successful on verbal or language-oriented tasks

2. Social/Behavior Issues

2.1. Harrassment

2.2. Relationships

2.3. Fewer discipline referrals in single-sex schools

2.4. Decreased risk of teen pregnancy

3. Environment

3.1. Boys' Needs

3.1.1. Brightly lit classrooms

3.1.2. Teachers who speak in loud, enthusiastic tones

3.1.3. Exercise periods

3.1.4. More confrontational disciplinary practices

3.1.5. Learning activities that engage them in quests for answers

3.2. Girls' Needs

3.2.1. Quieter classrooms

3.2.2. Bonding

3.2.3. Cooperation

4. Benefits to Single-Sex Education

4.1. Girls

4.1.1. Greater academic achievement

4.1.2. Higher SAT scores

4.1.3. More interest in graduate education

4.1.4. Academic self-confidence

4.1.5. Stronger predisposition for extracurricular and political engagement

4.1.6. Increased amount of attention/help given to girls

4.2. Boys

5. Considerations

5.1. Equity over equality

5.2. Gender-friendly methods/accomodations in the classroom