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Analytics by Mind Map: Analytics

1. Quantified Self

1.1. My Commutes

1.1.1. When I leave home

1.1.2. When I leave work

1.2. My Visits

1.2.1. Hotspot map of visits Time lapse Between Two dates

1.2.2. Visit Time Av. Time at home Av. Time at work

1.3. My Places

1.3.1. Top 10 places for user On Weekends On Weekdays When its sunny When its raining In the morning In the afternoon By Category Between two dates

1.3.2. Places I go with friends Between two dates

1.4. My Tracks

2. Reverse Geocoder

2.1. Ranking Mechanism that accounts for

2.1.1. Rank Results by Opening Hours

2.1.2. Quantified Place (Aggregate)

2.1.3. Quantified Place (self)

2.1.4. Foursquare Trending

2.1.5. Previous 5 / Next 5 places

2.1.6. Home and Work Locations

2.2. why only 10?

3. Tracks

3.1. Track Decay

3.2. Tracks between two dates

4. Quantified Place

4.1. Catego

5. Auto-checkin

5.1. Auto Checkin to Home/Work and not other venues nearby

5.2. Confidence level for the checkin

5.3. Edit a Checkin

5.4. Tags for places

6. Visits

6.1. Improve Visit Accuracy

6.2. Do Not show visits

6.2.1. Simple cut off

6.2.2. Decay factor

7. Flow

8. Social

8.1. Rank List of followers

8.2. Aggregate Followers? what does this mean?

8.3. Ability to select recommendations from friends (Bars from Ricardo, Outdoor activities from John and Relaxin places from Elizabeth)

9. Places

9.1. User saves a place to his map (e.g. from another friend)

9.2. Custom Search for a place

9.2.1. My Places

9.2.2. Friends Places

9.2.3. Any places in the foursquare

9.3. Refresh places every 30 days (FS Ts&Cs)

9.4. Do not ask my again about this place

9.5. Custom Places

9.5.1. Tag Home/Work and other places

9.5.2. Create a place within a context of another place

10. User

10.1. Rank Categories Preferences