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How to Get a Full PhD Scholarship by Mind Map: How to Get a Full
PhD Scholarship
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How to Get a Full PhD Scholarship

what does it mean "full scholarship"?

funded by government, company or organization, examples:

Ford Fellowship

Fulbright Fellowship

Endeavour Awards

DAAD Scholarship

Australian Leadership Awards Scholarship

Erasmus Mundus

scholarship which includes

tuition fee

living allowance/monthly stipend

travel allowance

health and travel insurance

sometimes also with books, computer and research support

no need to work in campus ;)

funded only for 3.5 years

Get Acceptance Letter from University

write a good resume

find good samples and identify why they are good

read tips how to make my resume different

try to get free consultation for resume scholarship in yahoo groups ;)

strengthen the resume, involved in professional development for teacher, active in teacher accosiation, involved in volunteering activities

design a good proposal research

keep GPA up by following this tips ;)

Pass the Test Requirements

improve my English proficiency (TOEFL and IELTS)

join English forum

subscribe youtube channel

read blog tips about how to get higher score

join in facebook group to read tips from others

learn about speed reading

practice the exam

increase my GRE scores (for US universities)

download podcast about GRE verbal words

download gre module

practice essay questions

practice the exam

Up to date with the Scholarship Info

where to search?

sign up in "scholarship" google or yahoo groups, in this groups i can find people, who already got scholarship so they can share their experience, who still try to get scholarship so we can support each other, who gives the money, who decides where the money goes

following "international scholarship" or "phd scholarship" in twitter

join daily scholarship in facebook group

sign up to get newsletter /RSS

consultation with previous fellows

in google or yahoo groups

twitter or facebook groups

track the scholarship request (see p. 2)

Reminder: put all the scholarship deadline in igoogle calender

Think Like a Donor

pay attention with the donors background with checking their websites

know what they want

make your application unique and attractive

Sell Yourself


blog, create your blog, upload, curriculum vitae, article, research, achievement, syllabus, sample video of my class interaction

facebook profile, careful with what you post


get the tips to be more confidence

practice by answering these questions

Back-up Plans

if I couldn't get full scholarship then maybe 1/2 scholarship (work needed) will be OK

keep pay attention with everything which starts with scholarship ;)