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How to Get a Full PhD Scholarship by Mind Map: How to Get a Full PhD Scholarship
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How to Get a Full PhD Scholarship

what does it mean "full scholarship"?

funded by government, company or organization, examples:

scholarship which includes

no need to work in campus ;)

funded only for 3.5 years

Get Acceptance Letter from University

write a good resume

design a good proposal research

keep GPA up by following this tips ;)

Pass the Test Requirements

improve my English proficiency (TOEFL and IELTS)

increase my GRE scores (for US universities)

Up to date with the Scholarship Info

where to search?

consultation with previous fellows

track the scholarship request (see p. 2)

Reminder: put all the scholarship deadline in igoogle calender

Think Like a Donor

pay attention with the donors background with checking their websites

know what they want

make your application unique and attractive

Sell Yourself



Back-up Plans

if I couldn't get full scholarship then maybe 1/2 scholarship (work needed) will be OK

keep pay attention with everything which starts with scholarship ;)