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Mouse by Mind Map: Mouse

1. Usability testing

1.1. Сomfortable to hold?

1.2. Well slides?

1.3. Convenient to use buttons?

1.4. the mouse cable is long enough and do not tangle

2. Compatibility testing

2.1. compatible platform(s)

2.2. surface to use for a mouse

3. Validation

3.1. Do we built a RIGHT product? That size, shape, color that required by a customer

4. Verification

4.1. height, width, depth

4.2. cord length

4.3. Interface(s)

4.4. Do we built a product RIGHT? According to specs, docs

5. Security testing

5.1. choking hazard warning

5.2. Mouse is strong enough, so no one can know how it is made

6. Stress testing

6.1. Drop

6.2. Throw in a mousetrap

6.3. Try to crush

6.4. attach to the button more power than it should theoretically stand

7. User Interface(UI) testing

7.1. what color is body?

7.2. what color is light?

7.3. what kind of material?

7.4. how many buttons?

7.5. ergonomic design

7.6. handedness

7.6.1. left hand

7.6.2. right hand

7.6.3. ambidextrous

7.7. button fits the finger

8. Component testing

8.1. separate push buttons

8.2. scroll the wheel separately

8.3. mechanism for motion detection

9. Use case testing

9.1. Use case 1: process of setting up the mouse

9.2. Use case 2: Scrolling the mouse wheel

9.3. Use case 3: Move the mouse through the table

10. Smoke testing

10.1. Does the mouse work stable? Does it make sense to test it?

11. Performance Testing

11.1. threshold CTR

11.2. expiration date

11.3. the range of the signal wi-fi/bluetooth/length and thickness of the wire

12. Environment testing

12.1. Test the computer on which a mouse will be tested

13. Regression testing

13.1. Does it still works after implementation of some feature?

14. Functional testing

14.1. Buttons are pressed?

14.1.1. If excessive force on the buttons

14.2. scroll settings (scroll is working?)

14.2.1. If excessive force on the scroll

14.3. put pressure on the mouse (to create the effect of heavy arms)

15. Negative testing

15.1. heat up in a microwave for 2 minutes, will it melt?

15.2. wash in water, will it work after that ?

15.3. Drop it in the wall

15.4. plug in mouse in a TV

16. Positive testing

16.1. Turn on/off

16.2. Can you plug it in

16.3. Can you press the buttons

17. Black-box testing

17.1. Test a mouse without knowing the internal components of the mouse

18. White-box testing

18.1. Testing the mouse, knowing the internal components of the mouse

19. Alpha testing

19.1. Testing of mouse when it is not really ready for use. Perform by testers.

20. Beta testing

20.1. Testing of the mouse by end users or customers

21. Automated testing

21.1. scripts to test the response of the mouse buttons

21.2. scripts to test the response of the mouse scroll

22. Documentation testing

22.1. Are there documentation?

23. Entry point testing

23.1. Was used

23.2. New

24. Integration testing

24.1. After collecting all the work?

24.2. Can we connect it to the computer?

25. Unit testing

25.1. Testing of each peace inside the mouse

26. System testing

26.1. When all peaces of the mouse are together, does it work properly?

27. Ad-hoc testing

27.1. Use the mouse for other purposes

27.2. Using the mouse on the wall

27.3. Using mouse without a hard surface (in air)

28. Exploratory testing

28.1. Use the mouse by purpose

28.2. Use the mouse on the uneven surface

29. Build verification test

29.1. verify the overall quality of a particular mouse build.