Past Continuous

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Past Continuous by Mind Map: Past Continuous

1. bbnbnbn

2. Form

2.1. Affirmative

2.1.1. Use was/were followed by the verb+ ing We were drinking coffee.

2.2. Negative

2.2.1. Use was not/were not followed by the verb+ ing We weren't drinking coffee.

2.3. Interrogative

2.3.1. Use was/were + subject/pronoun + verb+ ing Were you drinking coffee?

3. Use

3.1. We use the past continous to say what was happening around a past time.

3.1.1. before

3.1.2. at

3.1.3. after

4. yjgjgjgh

5. Integrantes

5.1. Mattos Arapa Jean Pier

5.2. Caceres Alvarez Raul