5S workshop - What should we to focus on?

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5S workshop - What should we to focus on? by Mind Map: 5S workshop - What should we to focus on?

1. Helps in quality inspections while cleaning equipment

2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWvT__TXFq0

3. Training methods

3.1. Structure employee - offices

3.1.1. office rules??

3.2. Shop-floor operators

3.3. How to test if they understood

3.3.1. practical exercise - any tips?

3.3.2. Theoretical exam - any tips?

4. Game tips (other than numbers game) - something funny, I need to build an interest from operators point of view

5. Best practises

5.1. test

6. How to evaluate?

6.1. 5S audits with "score"

6.2. 5S walks

7. How to motivate?

7.1. Salary bonuses

7.2. Prices for the cleanest workstation

8. Firstly You need to choose which topic do you want to comment. On the top of window- right side - Use button + if do you want to add new option.

9. 5S Benefits

9.1. Improves safety in the workplace

9.2. Reduces Lead time through the reduction of motion waste

9.3. makes employees proud of their workplace

10. This is only test, if public brainstorming is real way how to help each other with different types of situations. Make some comment please.