Information & knowledge in the Network Society

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Information & knowledge in the Network Society by Mind Map: Information & knowledge in the Network Society

1. information=knowledge representation

2. Concepts

2.1. what is knowledge

2.1.1. personal knowledge

2.1.2. crowd wisdom Citizen science

2.1.3. group knowledge

2.1.4. collective intelligence distributed cognition learning community Co-creation of knowledge

2.1.5. non-human knowledge learning algorithms bigdata analysis

2.1.6. actionable knowledge know what know how informal knowledge tacit knowledge

2.1.7. DIKW Wisdom literacy

2.1.8. types of knowledge interdisciplinary knowledge domain knowledge design knowledge scientific knowledge

2.2. information society

2.2.1. digital divide

2.3. information overload

2.4. Information/knowledge consumption/acquisition

2.4.1. Sharing

2.4.2. Trading

2.4.3. Access Management and Gatekeeping

2.4.4. Generating the world of learning

2.5. Value of information

2.6. Information processing and knowledge building

2.6.1. knowledge organization

2.6.2. knowledge integration

2.6.3. personal information management

2.6.4. self-regulated learning

2.6.5. interpretation

2.6.6. situated learning

3. Future direction

3.1. Philosophy of information

3.1.1. Epistemology

3.2. Ethical guidelines

3.3. Information consumer behavior

3.4. how to build synergy: starting points in knowledge maps to reflect different approaches

3.5. how different disciplines define and use the terms 'information' and 'knowlege' - could be based on a common philosophical basis

3.6. different approaches to value of information