Tech 60

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Tech 60 by Mind Map: Tech 60

1. Problems

1.1. Upper School Faculty engagement with technology low on the SAMR model

1.2. BYOD essentially used as a notetaking tool

1.3. Class too short or trimesterly

1.4. Technology as a detriment to Life Skills & Executive Functioning Efforts

2. Ideas

2.1. Technology Training Group Formatiom

2.2. Create something to convince a teacher to use it

2.2.1. A website

2.2.2. A 60-second commercial

2.2.3. Marketing tools (logo, flyers, etc.)

3. Action Points

3.1. Get teacher and administration buy in

3.2. Get parent buy in

3.3. Provide list of tools and ideas

3.4. Tips: don't be afraid to look outside your own class or teachers for inspiration

3.4.1. your parents

3.4.2. other students

3.4.3. other schools

3.4.4. the world

3.5. Think of 'learning moments' in the classroom or school life where something could have been done better or quicker.

3.6. Considerations

3.6.1. Technologies that work for multiple types of devices or computer

4. Goals

4.1. Allow students to embrace and discover other benefits of BYOD

4.2. Increase tech proficiency

4.3. Increase student engagement

4.4. Encourage social activity

5. Tools

5.1. Your own computer or computing/mobile device

5.2. Anything in the tech lab or tech office

5.3. Google Apps accounts

5.4. Your mind and drive

5.5. Me.