Why I feel Water is MOST Important.

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Why I feel Water is MOST Important. by Mind Map: Why I feel Water is MOST Important.

1. Water is beautiful

1.1. Water has shaped all of the land.

1.1.1. I teach my students how to recognize water formed structures.

1.2. Water is visually pleasing.

1.3. Water is a force that can be both violent and forgiving.

1.3.1. Taught my Citizen Science club to have respect for water in all its forms.

1.4. Value

1.4.1. Beauty

1.4.2. Respect Knowledge

2. Water gives Life

2.1. Everything on the planet needs water to live.

2.2. Water is our standard to determine if "life" is on other planets.

2.2.1. This bias is taught in science.

2.3. Value

2.3.1. Significance

3. Water wildlife is better than land wildlife.

3.1. Water wildlife has to overcome more obstacles because they live in and breathe the water.

3.1.1. Studies done on ocean animals in Galveston when oil spill occurred.

3.1.2. Created Facebook Oil Spill Monitoring Group

3.2. Water animals are more beautiful than land animals.

3.2.1. Personal experience from snorkeling vacations.

3.3. There are more intelligent water animals than land animals.

3.3.1. Value Intelligence of animal Accomplishment Equality

4. Water provides peace

4.1. I feel calmer around running water.

4.2. When people have water as a resource they do not fight each other.

4.2.1. Employee

4.2.2. Employee

4.3. People are drawn to oceans, lakes, and rivers for many activities.

4.3.1. Value Pacifism (nonviolence) Serenity

5. Water quality issues trump land issues.

5.1. Water pollution has the ability to end all life, where other pollutants only affect a smaller number.

5.1.1. Citizen Science Club recognized this when we found a polluted pond that did not have any life.

5.1.2. Performed water quality testing on fracking wells.

5.2. Land issues are easier to resolve because they only affect one certain area and do not flow into other areas.

5.3. Oil and gas companies are destroying inland water sources and oceans more than land pollution.

5.3.1. Activism to ban fracking in Longmont.

5.4. Value

5.4.1. Equality

5.4.2. Superiority

5.4.3. Security

5.4.4. Action