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Careers Interactive by Mind Map: Careers Interactive

1. Awareness of Values

1.1. Values auction

1.2. Values ranking

2. Skills Audit

2.1. Skills finder (based on stories)

3. Career options

3.1. Small world exercise

3.2. One factor idea generator

3.3. Browse occupations exercise

3.4. Random job generator

3.5. New ideas

3.5.1. Career families mind maps

4. Decision-making

4.1. What's your decision-making style?

4.2. Ways of making decisions

4.3. Ways of making bad decisions

5. Researching options

5.1. Test your knowledge

5.1.1. Common myths

5.1.2. What's my line exercise

5.1.3. How much do you know exercise

5.2. Find out more

5.2.1. Your careers library

5.2.2. Talking to people

5.2.3. Using the internet for research

5.2.4. Random question generator

5.2.5. How to research

6. Transition Management

6.1. Employment rights section

6.2. Adapting to work environment

6.2.1. Office politics

6.2.2. Interpersonal interactions

6.3. New transition ideas

6.3.1. Stages of transition Self-questioning Goal setting Preparing a career history Getting ready for job interviews Salary negotiation

6.3.2. Specific transition situations Facing redundancy or outsourcing make the most of your outplacement programme Moving into a new sector Retirement Career break & return

7. Implementing & Self-marketing

7.1. CVs & applications

7.2. Interviews

7.3. other selection methods

8. Approaches to career management

8.1. Personal preferences

8.1.1. MBTI-based exercises Possible implications for action

8.2. How do people choose careers?

8.2.1. Approaches to career choice (based on theories)

8.2.2. 'What's your style?' exercise Possible implications for action

9. Career stories

9.1. Storyboarding exercise

9.2. Case studies of others

10. Envisioning the future

10.1. choose your future exercise e.g:

11. Goal setting

11.1. What is it?

11.2. How to do it?

12. Networking

13. Starting points

13.1. What is a 'career'?

13.2. Where are you now?

14. Possible structures for the site

14.1. Career knowledge, career values, career skills

14.2. Similar style to SORT_IT/DOTS

14.3. Where are you now? Where would you like to be? How can you get there?