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Careers Interactive by Mind Map: Careers Interactive
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Careers Interactive

Awareness of Values

Values auction

Values ranking

Skills Audit

Skills finder (based on stories)

Approaches to career management

Personal preferences

How do people choose careers?

Career options

Small world exercise

One factor idea generator

Browse occupations exercise

Random job generator

New ideas


What's your decision-making style?

Ways of making decisions

Ways of making bad decisions

Career stories

Storyboarding exercise

Case studies of others

Researching options

Test your knowledge

Find out more

Envisioning the future

choose your future exercise e.g:

Transition Management

Employment rights section

Adapting to work environment

New transition ideas

Goal setting

What is it?

How to do it?

Implementing & Self-marketing

CVs & applications


other selection methods


Starting points

What is a 'career'?

Where are you now?

Possible structures for the site

Career knowledge, career values, career skills

Similar style to SORT_IT/DOTS

Where are you now? Where would you like to be? How can you get there?