Annenberg Videos about Writing

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Annenberg Videos about Writing by Mind Map: Annenberg Videos about Writing

1. Information that I already knew

1.1. Teachers need to create positive classroom environments, so students feel comfortable

1.1.1. Incorporating different genres is important for the reading and writing process Choice engages and empowers young writers It is imperative that teachers meet the needs of diverse learners by offering them diverse approaches to writing.

2. Information that was new to me

2.1. FQI, or the process of gathering facts, questioning, and interpreting is part of Multigenre writing.

2.1.1. Students' strengths are addressed through Multigenre writing. For instance, if one student loves poetry, he or she is able to express themselves through poems while another student might tell about his or her self through a memoir. Having students keep a writer's notebook is a great way for them to reflect on certain events in the world and their lives and on novels or other pieces of literature they have just read. Current Event writing offers students an opportunity to "get up to date" with what is going on in the world and to comment on it.

3. What I did not like about the videos

3.1. The first video was slow-moving.

3.1.1. It was not loaded with a plethora of new information. In the first video, only two teachers' classrooms were shown. Neither video showed any student opposition to the writing tasks. Although I am sure they knew they were being filmed and thus, were on their best behavior, the teachers did not talk in-depth about what they do when students do not want to take part in specific writing activities.

4. My final thoughts

4.1. Muligenre writing provides students with more creative ways they can write about themselves and share their stories with their classmates, teachers, parents, caregivers, and so forth.

4.1.1. The more excited students are about writing, the better their final products will turn out.