Guerilla Marketing (MQL&SQL)

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Guerilla Marketing (MQL&SQL) by Mind Map: Guerilla Marketing (MQL&SQL)


1.1. Social Media Marketing

1.1.1. content marketing facebook create page create group linkedin create group create page

1.1.2. twitter

1.1.3. google plus

1.1.4. linkedin

1.1.5. facebook

1.1.6. pinterest

1.2. Forum Signature Method

1.2.1. 1 forum a day

1.3. Blog Commenting

1.3.1. 1 comment a day

1.4. Yahoo Answers

1.4.1. 1 yahoo answer a day


2.1. Click Jacking Domain Names

2.2. Article Marketing

2.3. Web 2.0

2.4. Genre Specific Microsites

2.4.1. children

2.4.2. book publishing

2.4.3. travel and photography

2.5. Litfire Resources

3. MQL

3.1. Goal: 150 MQL - Mar 31, 2015

3.1.1. LAYD create new blog post AVATAR: Identify and review the avatar for producing a new article groom the previous post create a banner | psline | johnson box that link to LFblog create a lead magnet that is appealing to click use keyword (+publishing) Content Architecture Rephrase blog: New article (10 Ways to Master Photography) Johnson box (redirect to LF blog) Side Banner (redirect to Your Unconventional Guide to Photography: 3 Awesome Techniques to Create Photo Books) PS line (redirect to Mastering Macro Photography / LF blog)

3.1.2. Childrens publishing Content Architecture

3.1.3. Litfire blog

3.1.4. LAYD- Campaign 1 - 2.10.2016 twitter sarah LAYD-Macro Photography linkedin Sarah linked vanessa