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George by Mind Map: George

1. Strengths

1.1. he has a rich vocabulary

1.2. loves playing chess

1.2.1. helps lead (with his father) his former elementary school’s chess club

1.3. has transitioned well socially and academically and continues to work on reading and writing skills

1.3.1. easily makes friends

1.4. Manager for the high school’s cross country and track teams

2. Challenges

2.1. has some trouble with articulation and fluency

2.2. continues to struggle with reading and writing.

2.3. struggles with understanding what he has read and applying it to the content being introduced and then taught

2.3.1. organization, structuring ideas, the mechanics of writing, and the editing process are also difficult for him

2.4. extra focused on areas of interest, picking at his fingers, and unable to let go of the idea of the topic unless re-directed

3. Dandy-Walker Cyst Complex

3.1. history of speech therapy related to this condition

3.2. receiving specialized services since he was three years old

3.3. led to delays in learning and physical development

3.4. Difficult to understand at times, especially when he talks too fast

3.4.1. has trouble with breathing and is often hoarse and limited when he is speaking.

4. IEP goals and benchmarks

4.1. grade level math

4.1.1. Given grade level math problems, such as division, multiplication, or problems needing recall of several functions (ie PEMDAS), George will score 80%

4.2. speech

4.2.1. George will have correct mouth formation for blends and slider vowels with 80% accuracy

4.3. motor planning

4.3.1. George is able to perform 2 of the 7 steps necessary to open a combination lock

5. Personality

5.1. enjoys playing with younger children

5.1.1. makes him feel like a big brother

5.2. plays soccer with the Special Olympics

5.3. enjoys video games

5.4. has a positive outlook

5.5. looks up to his older brother and father

5.5.1. his brother is an accomplished runner who set a number of state records while he was in high school.

5.5.2. his father has always been fascinated with watching Europe soccer, the World Cup and the other matches throughout the world George is a big fan of Manchester United.