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1. Given grade level math problems, such as division, multiplication, or problems needing recall of several functions (ie PEMDAS), George will score 80%.

2. George will have correct mouth formation for blends and slider vowels with 80% accuracy.

3. Improve organization

4. George will complete all 7 steps necessary to use a combination lock independently.

5. Strengths

5.1. Social

5.2. Friendly

5.3. Enjoys chess

5.3.1. Helps teach chess to younger children

6. Challenges

6.1. Reading fluency and comprehension

6.2. Writing, vocabulary, mechanics

6.3. Remembering processes

7. IEP Goals

8. Attributes

8.1. Poor articulation

8.2. Poor Fluency, difficult to understand when talking fast

8.3. Poor voice quality

8.4. Distorted voice