Pentalog Quality in SDLC

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Pentalog Quality in SDLC by Mind Map: Pentalog Quality in SDLC

1. How it works in Pentalog Hanoi

1.1. 100% teams follow agile methode

1.2. Organization and tools

1.3. Best pratice

2. Awareness of the importance of quality in Pentalog

2.1. client came back to us not about the lower price but our product's quality

2.2. Company's core value

2.3. ISO certificate

2.4. Quality sensibilization presentation to all employees priodically

3. Pentalog Quality framework

3.1. Pentalog quality policy

3.2. Well defined process for each project type

3.3. Mandatory for all projects

3.4. Continous improvement

3.5. Pentalog Quality process for OP4

4. Pentalog - An Agile company

4.1. Overview of agile methode

4.2. Agile Transition Plan

5. Quality Control

5.1. Quality's indicators (dashboard, SLA)

5.2. Internal /Extenal audit

5.3. Customer's survey (Quarter, Semester, Annual)

5.4. Testing/Automation test

5.5. Code review/audit/refactor

5.6. Risk management