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Amazon destruction by Mind Map: Amazon destruction
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Amazon destruction

Which animals are most threatened?

Contains 2/3 rds of all the plants and animals on the planet

hi i like cheese

How fast is it being destroyed?

the rain forest is being chopped down 12million

We chop the rainforests down at our peril, and are getting perilously close to the time when the for- ests will start falling apart, even if we don’t bulldoze down one more tree.

How much is gone already?

How does the rainforest affect the weather?

Rainforest destruction causes 20% of all greenhouse emissions, that’s more than all the fossil-fuel vehicles on the planet

stronger el Nino effect

water vapor turns to rain that travels to other countries

Who is to blame?

Soya plantation owners

More than 8% of the Brazilian Amazon is illegally owned

Beef drives 80% of Amazon deforestation

chinese, Norwegian, companies are putting roads through so they can mine

What can be done?

Deforestation was left out of the kyoto protocol

the world has to think about forests as being more valuable as carbon sinks than they are to a few greedy people / companies who are after easy profits.unless the world starts to think of them being more valuable to mankind standing they will be lost .

How does it affect the indigenous people

25% is inhabited by indigenous peoples

90 tribes went extinct in Brazil that they know of since 1900


if the trees are gone, the soil will erode

it wont rain there

the soil will dry out/turn to desert

the food web gets disrupted

the trees that are left die back because they don't get enough rain

more susceptible to fire

river systems are drying up eg Macizo. .

biological diversity

New node

plants can be sources of new medicines

Integrated forests, water, hemispheres The beauty of it is the trees are able to draw down deep for their water, which they not only direct up- wards through the trunk and branches to pass water vapour out of the stomatal pores in the leaves, they also direct water out sideways through a lateral root system, dampening the soil around and feeding the sub-storey vegetation. The net result is the rate and extent of the water flow out through the leaves in- creases by a quarter or more consequently bringing about the formation of storm clouds which, because of their upward convection, suck in humid air from the other hemisphere undergoing winter. This is a vital process, bringing the rains the forest needs for its survival. It’s a process that transfers solar energy, 6 million atomic bombs’ worth every day, out of the Amazon Basin to the higher latitudes. Without the forest to export and distribute the Sun’s energy the entire region would heat by 10°C or more. What a beautiful way to make life possible over such a vast continent and how brutish our ongoing onslaught against the forests.