Ambilkan Bulan the Movie

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Ambilkan Bulan the Movie by Mind Map: Ambilkan Bulan the Movie

1. introduction

1.1. concept

1.1.1. character a little boy Andy 6 years old the doctor parent

1.1.2. problem have a brain cancer

1.1.3. plot in the hospital everyday

2. conflict

2.1. looking at the moon everynight

2.2. the moon as his friend

2.3. the moon doesn't appear oneday

2.4. Andy's condition is getting worse

2.4.1. the last days he has

2.5. his parent feel sad

3. Resolution

3.1. Andy dies

3.1.1. together with his last favor

4. climax

4.1. Andy ask for the last favor

4.1.1. he ask for the moon before he dies

4.1.2. he want the moon to brighten his night

5. detail - story line

5.1. scene 1

5.1.1. black blank

5.1.2. opening sound the title of the movie with animation

5.1.3. image patient board in front of Andy's bed

5.2. scene 2

5.2.1. image Andy is sitting at the edge of the bed and looking to the window thought time at night

5.2.2. sound effect slow instrument not a sad one

5.3. scene 3

5.3.1. image plot in the doctor room Andy's parent and the doctor Andy's parent have a conv. about Andy's condition Andy's parents's look sad

5.4. scene 4

5.4.1. backsound a lil bit happy

5.4.2. image Andy walk to the window

5.5. scene 5

5.5.1. backsound opened door

5.5.2. image Andy's parent come to the his room take a look to Andy that sitting in front of the window looking to the moon Andy ask his parent to come over to the edge of the window

5.6. scene 6

5.6.1. backsound 678

5.6.2. image Andy's looking at the moon version 1

5.7. scene 7

5.7.1. backsound

5.7.2. image Andy's looking at the moon version 2

5.8. scene 8

5.8.1. backsound

5.8.2. image Andy's looking at the moon version 3

5.9. scene 9

5.9.1. backsound sad instrument

5.9.2. image Andy's looking to the moon the moon does not appear