Foreign Language Teaching Programs

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Foreign Language Teaching Programs by Mind Map: Foreign Language Teaching Programs

1. Foreign Language Teaching (FL)

1.1. It is taught through grammar, topics, vocabulary...etc.

1.2. There is an explicit language teaching and learning.

1.3. There is no content involved.

1.4. Taught by a language teacher

2. Content-based language teaching (CBLT)

2.1. It uses some general content of subjects to teach English through them

2.2. It works as a context that provides an enviroment for learning.

2.3. Learning and teaching the language is what matters and what will be assessed.

2.4. Taught by a language teacher

3. Content and language integrated learning (CLIL)

3.1. It is taught by a language and content teacher. Language is as important as content.

3.2. Dual-focused educational approach

3.2.1. Content

3.2.2. Language

3.3. It´s an umbrella term: embraces any type of program where a foreign language is used to teach a subject nonrelated with the language.

3.4. The students learn through functions and vocabulary.

3.5. Both linguictic and curricular knowledge are transmitted.

3.6. Three considerations: concepts, procedures (skills) and language

4. Immersion

4.1. Teachers assume that the students have already adquired the language

4.2. There is no language teaching involved.

4.3. The teachers are subject teachers

4.4. Teachers focus on teaching contents.