Innovating e-Learning 2010

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Innovating e-Learning 2010 by Mind Map: Innovating e-Learning 2010

1. Have-a-go Area

2. Virtual Worlds Tours and Induction

3. Conference Blog (James Clay)

4. Twitter

5. Conference FAQs

6. Theme 2. Realising the Value

6.1. Session 1: Is the Future Mobile? (Graham Brown-Martin)

6.2. Keynote

6.2.1. How to get your innovations adopted and change the world (Anne Miller)

6.3. Session 2: Sustaining Innovation in Curriculum Delivery

6.4. Session 3: Opening up Learning

6.5. Q&A Panel Discussion

6.5.1. Key points for embedding and sustaining innovations

7. Closing Keynote

7.1. Shaping our Future - Elliott Massie

8. Theme 1. Realising the Potential

8.1. Keynote

8.1.1. Learning to Live in Interesting Times - What are Educational Institutions for? (Keri Facer)

8.2. Session 1: Effective Assessment and Feedback for a Digital Age (David Boud)

8.3. Session 2: Developing a Culture of Blended Learning Innovation (Tim Wilson)

8.4. Session 3: What students really want? (Aaron Porter)

8.5. Q&A Panel Discussion

8.5.1. Identifying key innovations and drivers for change

8.5.2. How can HE and FE respond to these changes