Electromechanical Sign

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Electromechanical Sign by Mind Map: Electromechanical Sign

1. Context

1.1. I will be designing an advertisement for a garden seesaw using a working electomechanical seesaw sign.

1.2. The manufacturing company I will be designing this for is Indiamart.

2. Aesthetics

2.1. Colour

2.1.1. Use attractive colours so the sign is aesthetically pleasing Are there any specific colours that are more appropriate for the sign than other?

2.2. Presentation

2.2.1. Make sure the signs material has a nice finish

3. Consumer

3.1. This advertisement is made to appeal to a target market of young children.

3.2. The advertisement should be persuasive so that children desire this product and ask their parents, therefore the advertisement must also look professional so parents are willing to purchase a seesaw for their children.

4. Cost

4.1. Create and carry out a questionnaire to find out how much people are willing to pay for the product

4.2. Ensure that the price of manufacture is not greater than the sale price so profit can be made.

4.2.1. Profit should be a suitable and realistic amount to continue with production.

5. Environment

5.1. Is it dangerous to the environment?

5.2. Can the materials I use be recycled?

5.3. Can my sign be reused?

5.4. Does the process of manufacture harm the environment?

5.4.1. Are harmful gasses released?

5.4.2. Are there a large amount of waste material that are irremovable?

6. Safety

6.1. Child Hazards

6.1.1. Small Parts

6.1.2. Small Holes

6.2. General Hazards

6.2.1. Overheating - Fires

6.2.2. Exposed Wires - Electrical Dangers

6.2.3. Sharp Edges

7. Size

7.1. 200mm x 200mm x 100mm

8. Function

8.1. For the seesaw to perform one complete movement during the period of time taken for one rotation of the motor.

8.2. To allow the seesaw to fall back into it's original position one side will have to be weighted (but not too much for the motor to cope with)

9. Materials and Componenets

9.1. Materials

9.1.1. Metal Aluminium Steel

9.1.2. Hard Wood Oak Beach Ash

9.1.3. Soft Wood Fir Ceda Spruce

9.1.4. Man Made Ply Wood MDF Chip Board

9.1.5. Plastics Acrylic

9.2. Componenets

9.2.1. PICAXE

9.2.2. Rotary Motor

9.2.3. Switch

9.2.4. Lights LEDs Lamp

9.2.5. Cam

10. Manufacturing Methods

10.1. PCB

10.1.1. Milling Machine

10.1.2. Photo-etch Method

10.2. Main Body

10.2.1. Vacuum Forming This is used to create plastic versions of molds created using the Milling machine.

10.2.2. Computer Aided Design CAD allows me to design part of my sign with accurate and precise measurements.

10.2.3. Milling Machine This can be used to create detailed molds of of exact design into various materials with high accuracy.

10.2.4. Bandsaw For cutting down large pieces of material to the appropriate size

10.2.5. Laser Cutter Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM) allows me to cut out my designed sign parts without the risk of human error.