OpenU Event 7 October

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OpenU Event 7 October by Mind Map: OpenU Event 7 October

1. Program

1.1. Thursday

1.1.1. Short Introduction Frans Mofers Marcus Specht

1.1.2. Mobile Learning Market ITunes U free resources on mobile devices Marcus Specht, John van der Baaren Free Books and Learning Materials in Online Readers We have to transfer OpenER courses and as proposed by Kathleen we could show these on iAnnotate and iBooks to be read Mobile Social Media Christian Glahn, Dirk Learning with FTA experiences from the practice of lifelong learning in FTA Informatica Cultural Experiences in Practice, A Pilot with mobile technology and CW Fred de Vries, Irmin Visser, Stefaan Ternier Demoing Blackboard App on iPad Marcus has this installed Mobile Moodle psychology course

1.1.3. Next Actions Downloading OpenER courses Defining mobile social media making short descriptions of the booths

1.1.4. Infrastructure Video Streaming Twitter chat OpenU Community for Events who sorts this out? Keuze: Eluminate?

1.1.5. Keynotes: Speaker 1 Patrick Mc Andrew Speaker 2 Marcus Specht