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My PLN by Mind Map: My PLN

1. Arnold Arboretum - WORK

1.1. Flickr

1.2. Wired magazine

1.3. A List Apart

1.4. MIT WebPub

1.4.1. Meetings

1.4.2. RSS Feeds

1.5. ABCD Tech Groups


2.1. Facebook

2.2. My nephew and niece

3. Harvard Extension School

3.1. EDUC E-102

3.1.1. Google Reader Box of Tricks Dangerously Irrevelent Moving at the Speed of Creativity .net WebPub Cool Cat Teacher Cooney Center Weblogg-ed

3.1.2. The Yard blog

3.1.3. Twitter #ED102 staciegreen ed102 class denise jtneill willrich45 bbceducation nprscience BBCTech TED News coolcatteacher nprnews eduguru bbceducation

3.1.4. Delicious About WeTEC M-Learning and Mobility Outdoor learning and education learning outside the classroom Museum without walls Ed/ITLib Digital Library From toy to tool cell phones in learning the reality of anytime anywhere Mobil-Field Surveys

3.1.5. Group A and group partners topten wiki

3.1.6. Mindmeister

3.1.7. Camtasia

3.1.8. Voicethread

3.2. Thesis

4. NPR

4.1. radiolab

4.2. talk of the nation

4.3. all things considered

4.4. car talk

4.5. wait wait dont tell me

4.6. a prairie home companion

5. Jon Stewart Show

6. Internet

6.1. a list apart

6.2. elements of style

6.3. kuler

7. Books

7.1. A whole new mind

7.2. What is reflective practice

7.3. boston brainstormers bookclub

7.4. The new science of learning

7.5. The global achievement gap

7.6. Brain rules

7.7. ....