Introduction to Health Science

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Introduction to Health Science by Mind Map: Introduction to Health Science

1. Early Beginnings

1.1. Believed that illness and disease were caused by supernatural spirits.

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1.2. Believed that illness and disease were caused by supernatural spirits.

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2. The Dark Ages and The Middle Ages

2.1. The study of medical science stopped when the Roman Empire was conquered by the Huns

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2.2. For 1.000 years, medicine was practiced only in convents and monasteries.

2.2.1. Some diseases can become epidemic if people are not vaccinated.

3. The Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries

3.1. The desire for learning was continued on through this period, and several outstanding scientists added knowelege.

3.1.1. Unfortunately, quackery, mass death from childhood fever, and disease continued on.

4. Medicine in Ancient Times

4.1. Ancient greeks were the first to study causes of disease

4.1.1. Ancient greeks were the first to study causes of disease

4.1.2. Greeks observe and measure disease.

4.1.3. Romans were the first to organize medical care.

5. The Renaissance

5.1. New scientific progress began, and rebirth of learning was seen.

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5.2. Dissection of the body for studies was accepted.

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6. The Eighteenth Century

6.1. Many discoveries were made, including the stethoscope.

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6.2. A new teaching was was practiced, and students were now able to visit patients at bedside and not just in a classroom.

7. The Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

7.1. The beginning of the organized advancement of medical science occurred.

7.1.1. Microorganisms were discovered to be everywhere, antiseptic was acceptable during surgery, asepsis was developed, and anesthesia was now not used for surgery on patients.

8. The Advancement of Nursing

8.1. Nursing became an important part of medical care, and it became a respectable profession.

8.1.1. Today, well respected women as nurses are found in most communities.

9. Patient Care Today

9.1. Nursing care has changed throughout the years, but many different jobs for nurses have been added to the medical field.

9.1.1. All patient care was provided by a registered nurse, and they work in groups and teams to help each other every day. Also, the registered nurse delegates patient care tasks according to the training and expertise of the professional.

10. A Look Back and an Overview of the Future

10.1. Medicine was making great strides in improving health care.

10.1.1. The future of medicine holds many promises for better health for patients, and current research is proving nurses with new advances along the way.