Introduction to Being a Health Care Worker

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Introduction to Being a Health Care Worker by Mind Map: Introduction to Being a Health Care Worker

1. Early Beginnings

1.1. No electricity and poor shelter

1.2. Medicine was made from plants and animals

2. Medicine in Acient Times

2.1. Egyptians were the earliest people to keep accurate health records

2.2. The ancient Greeks were the first to study the causes of disease

3. The 16th, 17th, and 18th Centuries

3.1. Da Vinci studied and recorded the anatomy of the body (16th-17th)

3.2. Laënnec invented the stethoscope

4. The Dark Ages and the Middle Ages and the Renaissance

4.1. Terrible epidemics caused millions of deaths during the Dark ages

4.2. New scientific progress began

5. The 19th and 20th Centuries

5.1. Koch discovered many disease-causing organisms

5.2. Surgery was performed on patients without anesthesia

6. The Advancement of Nursing and Patient Care Today

6.1. Nursing became an important part of medical care

6.2. In primary care nursing, all patient care was provided by a nurse

7. A Look Back and an Overview of the Future, Medical Ethics

7.1. Antibiotics for bacterial diseases were created

7.2. Advancement in medicine creates new problems

8. Types of Health Care Providers and Government agencies

8.1. Employee

8.2. Employee

9. Patient Care Today

9.1. Employee

9.2. Employee

10. A Look Back and an Overview of the Future

10.1. Employee

10.2. Employee

11. Medical Ethics

11.1. Employee

11.2. Employee

12. Summary

12.1. Employee

12.2. Employee