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Minerals by Mind Map: Minerals

1. There are many different sizes of minerals. Some can be huge, and some can be very small.

1.1. size

2. Properties

2.1. crystal shape

2.2. size

2.3. transparent

2.4. luster

2.5. color

2.6. crystal

2.7. hardness

3. luster

3.1. glossy

3.2. brillant

3.3. dull

4. transparency

4.1. transparent

4.2. transluscent

4.3. opaque

5. colors

5.1. Minerals can be many different colors depending on where you found the specific material.

6. hardness

6.1. Minerals have different hardnesses than others, some minerals can be harder than glass and some can't. Other minerals can be harder than copper and softer than glass.

7. minerals are found in rocks

7.1. geologists study minerals

8. crystal shapes

8.1. cube

8.2. rectangler

8.3. irregular

8.4. rhombus

8.5. pyramid

8.6. hexagon

9. Rocks

9.1. different types of rocks

10. different types of rocks

10.1. sedimentary

10.1.1. Sedimentary rocks are formed when large particles collect together.

10.2. Igneous

10.2.1. Igneous rocks are formed when magma cools.

10.3. metamorphic

10.3.1. Metamorphic rocks are when high pressure and high temperature causes one rock to change.

11. Examples of some different kinds of rocks and types.

11.1. Gneiss is a metamorphic rock because of it's texture and different colors.

11.2. Breccia is a sedimentary rock because it has particles that built up together over time. You can also see the different minerals in it.

11.3. Pumice is igneous rock because it formed after a volcano erupted and it is very light weight.

12. size

12.1. The size of rocks can be very different. Some rocks can be huge,and some can be very small. Some rocks can weigh more than others too.

13. color of rocks

13.1. Rocks can be many different colors. More than one color can be on a rock.

14. Geologists

14.1. Geologists study rocks and put them in their three basic rock types.