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Minerals by Mind Map: Minerals

1. Can be identified with their

1.1. properties

1.1.1. color it verys

1.1.2. hardness measured with Mohs hardness

1.1.3. transparency opaque translucent

1.1.4. Crystal shape irregular cubic

1.1.5. Light Reflaction 1 image 2 image

1.1.6. Acid Reaction No Fiz Fiz

1.1.7. size it verys

2. Example

2.1. diamonds

2.2. fluorite

2.2.1. A mineral consisting of calcium fluoride that typically occurs as cubic crystals.

2.3. Calcite

2.4. Quartz

3. what types of rocks

3.1. igneous

3.1.1. examples obsidian Kimberlite

3.1.2. How they are formed From the cooling of Magma

3.2. metemorphic

3.2.1. Gneiss

3.2.2. Examples Marble Phyllite

3.2.3. They are formed Heat adn PResure

3.3. sedimentary

3.3.1. Coal

3.3.2. example Coal Chert

3.3.3. They can contain fossils Fossils are often formed during the gradual layering of sediments.

4. Definition

4.1. Minerals are Found Mostly in Rocks

5. Geologists

5.1. They are people who Study Rocks And Minerals.