Building a Summerschool Research Framework

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Building a Summerschool Research Framework by Mind Map: Building a Summerschool Research Framework

1. Use of IT

1.1. to promote collaboration

1.1.1. How did it promote collaboration?

1.1.2. Could collaboration be improved

1.2. to promote summerschool outcomes

1.2.1. What's the role of social media?

1.2.2. What's the role of traditional e-mails?

1.3. to raise event profile

1.3.1. What's the role of social media? Facebook etc. Twitter

1.3.2. What's the role of traditional e-mails?

1.4. International project management

1.4.1. How does it support our team effort?

1.4.2. What's role of social media?

1.4.3. Does it contribute to efficiency? how?

2. Teamwork

2.1. to promote acquisition of Leadership skills

2.1.1. Leadership of self What behaviors can be observed? How can we measure these behaviors? Self efficacy Empathy

2.1.2. Leadership of others How do we make an inventory of interpersonal relationship development? Is there space for a 360 degree feedback?

2.1.3. Personal Development Plan Reflect on Emotional Intelligence Framework Take outcomes of 360 degree feedback into account

2.2. to promote group problem solving

2.2.1. How can we measure problem solving?

2.2.2. What interventions can be done to improve problem solving?

2.3. to promote creativity

2.3.1. How do we promote creativity?

2.3.2. Are we creative?

2.3.3. Can we measure creativity?

2.3.4. What interventions can be done to improve creativity? Asking help Giving help Reflective reframing Reinforcing

2.4. Which theoretical frameworks on Teamwork could be applied to our educational concept?

2.4.1. Is there a role for the MBTI personality types? Add Belbin Team Roles?

2.4.2. Is this summerschool an example of collaborative knowledge creation?

2.5. Team Design

2.5.1. Join people with motivation for the same topic Team dynamic not necessary optimal Topic motivation optimal

2.5.2. Join people with optimal teamwork characteristics -- e.g. after a Belbin test Have the team come to a consensus on what to do Topic motivation may be a concession

2.5.3. What shall the role of experience / cognition be?

2.5.4. Measuring Team Conversation

2.5.5. Team Diagnostic Survey Easily to be turned into a google form(!)

2.5.6. Team Roles Much harder to make this into a google form.. Any IT guy up to the challenge?, would be awesome!

2.6. Can we characterize our participants

2.6.1. Team Roles

2.6.2. MBTI

2.6.3. Academic Achievements

2.6.4. Male/female ratio

2.6.5. Study Phase

2.6.6. CV Number of extracurricular activities Can we rate the quality of CV Can we rate the impact of the impact of the participants' work

2.6.7. Self Efficacy

2.6.8. Empathy

2.6.9. Is there a difference between our participants and general student population? If yes.. what's the difference?

2.6.10. Motivation

2.6.11. Goal Setting

3. Learning

3.1. When does learning take place?

3.1.1. What are the moments of feedback

3.1.2. What is the prior knowledge

3.2. How does learning take place?

3.2.1. Generic skills Personal development plan 360 Degree feedback Follow up feedback Trainer observation Where/when does feedback occur What shape has feedback

3.2.2. Knowledge Measurement Initial level of knowledge Initial team knowledge Elaboration of knowledge Synthesis Trainer observation

3.3. Can we measure the learning with current format?

3.4. Can we make a pre-test / post-test which does not interfere with process?

3.5. What does the learning environment look like

3.6. Which theoretical frameworks on learning could be applied to our educational concept?

3.6.1. How does our summerschool relate to instructional design theory?

3.6.2. If you look at the "7 habits", which ones are being trained in our summerschool and how can we improve it?

3.6.3. Which educational methods are used? How does our work relate to constructivism? How does our work relate to PBL and PBL-like methods PBL and Constructivism How does our work relate to experiential learning?

3.6.4. Theory of reasoned action

3.6.5. Theory of planned behavior

3.6.6. Goal Setting theory

3.6.7. Motivation

4. Outcomes

4.1. Research Question development

4.1.1. How are research questions developed?

4.1.2. How do we keep it relevant?

4.1.3. How do we make it realistic?

4.1.4. What's the role of experts in research question development

4.1.5. What's the role of patients in research question development

4.2. Business case

4.2.1. How are business cases being developed?

4.2.2. How do we keep it relevant?

4.2.3. How do we make it realistic?

4.2.4. What's the role of experts in the development process?

4.2.5. What's the role of other stakeholders in the development process?

4.3. Leadership development

4.3.1. How can we measure that we achieved this?

4.3.2. Are there any surrogate outcomes we can use?

4.3.3. How do we know something changed compared to the start of the summerschool

4.3.4. If we do a longer term follow up e.g. mentoring. How will we know we are effective?

5. Summerschool impact

5.1. Research Project

5.1.1. Professionalism Doctor-patient / professional-professional relationship Does the summerschool affect Empathy level in healthcare students? Does the summerschool affect stress management skills

5.1.2. How did the participation in the summerschool affect the experts?

5.1.3. How did the review exercise impact the patients/carers involved?

5.1.4. Are any of the research projects actually implemented? If not: why? What can we done to take away obstacles? if yes: how did it happen?

5.1.5. How does our summerschool affect engagement in academic activities?

5.1.6. How does our summerschool affect choice for research carreer?

5.2. Business Case

5.2.1. Professionalism Leadership activities in alumni Enterpreneurial activities in alumni Carreer success Can we measure professionalism before / after summerschool?

5.2.2. Are the outcomes actually being implemented if yes, why/how if no, why/how

5.3. Leadership development

5.3.1. Can we measure "leadership skills" before start of summerschool

5.3.2. Can we measure leadership skills after summerschool?

5.3.3. What would we regard as a measure of success?

5.3.4. What aspects of our programme contributed to the success?

6. Long term effects

6.1. Are our students more successfull than others in life?

6.1.1. What does this mean?

6.1.2. Can we measure this?

6.2. Are our students happier in life?

6.2.1. What does this mean?

6.2.2. Can we measure this?

6.3. Are the students taking professional careers closer aligned to their values?

6.3.1. Can we measure this?

6.3.2. What does this mean?