Cognitive Development

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Cognitive Development by Mind Map: Cognitive Development

1. Vygotsky's theories

1.1. 1. Believed kids took in input from their environment

1.2. 2. Children can create knowledge and influence their own development

1.3. 3. Learning can happen before development

1.4. 4. Language plays a role in cognitive development

1.5. 5. Three components of cognitive development

2. Piaget's theories

2.1. 1. Did not believe in environmental influences

2.2. 2. Intelligence is acquired

2.3. 3. Learning happens after development

2.4. 4. Language is just a milestone

2.5. 5. Four phases of cognitive development

3. Education Today

3.1. Physical, social, and internal environment play a role in children's development

3.2. Learning may be starting at younger ages than many people think

3.3. Play is important in cognitive development

4. Definition: Formation of thought processes in children/adolescents

4.1. Mental imagery

4.2. Language

4.3. Decision making

4.4. Thinking and reasoning

4.5. Problem solving

4.6. Remembering

5. Similarities between Piaget and Vygotsky

5.1. Society affects the boundaries of cognitive growth

5.2. The manner in which children learn and grow plays a role in their learning processes and abilities