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Rocket clouds by Mind Map:

1. Partners

1.1. Goal: Directory of global partners. No database. JSON instead.

2. Team & Story

2.1. Goal: heavy emphasis on a small yet incredibly experienced team to validate the company and commitment to the technology.

2.2. Funding (no VC)

2.3. Commitment to Customers

2.4. Careers

3. Home

3.1. Goal: Speaking to the CISO show how TrustPipe is disrupting the network security industry with it's end-point solution. 3 P's. Show the problem, reaffirm the perception and describe how TP solves the pain (efficacy).

3.2. Testimonials

3.3. Partner with us

4. Digital Markers Site

4.1. Future applications. Example: network security now. Radiology by 2025.

4.2. Vision

4.3. Open Source Projects

4.4. Products

4.5. Team

5. Technology

5.1. Network End-Point Solution

5.2. Patents

5.3. Support

6. Customers

6.1. Goal: List existing customers.

7. Resources

7.1. Goal: Supporting sales assets: white paper, data sheets, videos, case studies, etc.

8. Press

8.1. Goal: List press releases and media hits