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job search by Mind Map: job search
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job search


San Francisco




med school

post bacc reqirements

MCAT, prep course cost: $2k

MD SIE sufficient?, cost?

timeline, fall courses due

GI bill

find out funding level

when eligible to start using?

paying for school, where to park assets?, if i still have job when applying for school, will that make the bill higer?

do i have meaningful resume and qualifications?

what are my qualifications?

where is my resume?

if i defer med school, what skills do i need to acquire to compete successfully for a high paying job?



find out what your old friends are doing for work

linked in

get 100 business contacts

finish reading crush it and millionaire

apply lessons learned in crush it to tightly control online profile

some places to work


fed government

safeway? salesforce?

DC guard

get application in, email Ryan Rooks


med school

complete pre-req by summer 2011, take mcat, spring 2011 for admission fall 2011, what job in meantime

med school 2

complete pre-req winter 2011, mcat, admission fall 2010, what job in meantime?

job, then medschool

what kind of job?, fed job to build fed svc credit, not too stressful to allow focus on school work, max lucrative job, require max focus and involvement, no time to do school, strong chance that med will go out window, reason to do it: pay off house asap, where will i find such a job?

required events

produce 5 resumes

fed resume,

oracle, see wayne


safeway, talk to mark about who hires there

publish resumes





techexpousa: 18 Aug, the Sheraton Reston, 10-1500

DC Job Fair, 16 Sep, 11-1400, 31 Aug 10-1400, 22 Sep 11-1700


HS reunion

reconnect with people

develop some value you can ad to them

actively netweork to find a job

variables/ uncertainties

state of economy

able to sell house?, yes, then move, no, then job/ education limited to NOVA, DC, UMD

employers looking to hire?, yes, then get the richest paying job possible, and hang on for a few years to pay off house, go to med school at a later time, benefits, house already paid, any job after that is plenty of income when no bils, will be a more mature person experience wise when becoming a doctor, negatives, may just not do it, will i have energy to undertake something like med school at that time?, no, good time to go to school, decide if med or otherwise to ensure proper use of school funding, is it a good time to start a business?, see local business climate, find all the deals, grants, etc to get the govt to subsidize business, take NOVA classes regarding small business, consider how many employees will be required?, what to do for health insurance?

amount of savings

probable expenses, anniversary, travel to bay for hs reunion, sep vacation?, xmas, car maintenance?, cost of going to school if not on GI bill?

income, some variability from orcl, how soon i can start work in march

expense or income, need to get $ back from airplane, selling hilton