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Minerals by Mind Map: Minerals

1. Rocks

1.1. Sedimentary

1.1.1. Is formed by when sediments cement together Examples- Coal and Fossils

1.2. Igneous

1.2.1. When Magma Cools Examples- Obsidian and Andesite

1.3. Metamorpic

1.3.1. Is formed by high heat and pressure Examples-Marble and Slate

2. Properties

2.1. Crystalline Structure- A arrangement of atoms in a crystal

2.2. Hardness- Can they scratch like glass and copper

2.3. color- You can look at it and tell what color it is.

2.4. reaction with acid- it reacts with acid and it will fizzle with bubbles

2.5. Transperency

2.5.1. you can see through it (color)

2.6. Luster- Its either dull or brilliant

2.7. light refraction- It will shine and reflect off other objects