Traction: Vision

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Traction: Vision by Mind Map: Traction: Vision

1. Your target market

2. What is your core focus?

2.1. Why does your company exist?

2.2. What is your company's niche?

3. What is your 10-year target?

4. What are your core values?

4.1. Choose 3-7

4.2. Communicate to organization

4.3. Hire based to fit core values

5. What is your marketing strategy?

5.1. Your proven process

5.2. Your three uniques

5.3. Your gurantee

6. The Vision / Traction Organizer

7. The 8 Questions

8. What is your three-year picture?

8.1. Set date

8.2. Revenue

8.3. Profit

8.4. Measurables

9. What is your one-year plan?

9.1. Set date

9.2. Revenue

9.3. Profit

9.4. Measurables

10. What are your quarterly rocks?

11. What are your issues?

12. Created by Dave Rothacker