Traction: Vision

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Traction: Vision by Mind Map: Traction: Vision

1. What is your core focus?

1.1. Why does your company exist?

1.2. What is your company's niche?

2. What is your 10-year target?

3. What are your core values?

3.1. Choose 3-7

3.2. Communicate to organization

3.3. Hire based to fit core values

4. What is your marketing strategy?

4.1. Your target market

4.2. Your three uniques

4.3. Your proven process

4.4. Your gurantee

5. The Vision / Traction Organizer

6. The 8 Questions

7. What is your three-year picture?

7.1. Set date

7.2. Revenue

7.3. Profit

7.4. Measurables

8. What is your one-year plan?

8.1. Set date

8.2. Revenue

8.3. Profit

8.4. Measurables

9. What are your quarterly rocks?

10. What are your issues?

11. Created by Dave Rothacker