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Mindmeister by Mind Map: Mindmeister

1. Details

1.1. Customizable

1.2. Visually organizes info

1.3. Collaborative - can be shared in a way similar to Google Docs

1.4. Can insert videos

1.5. Can insert images from image library

1.6. Can insert icons from Mindmeister library

1.7. Printable

1.8. With free account - allowed 3 mind maps but old ones can be deleted and new ones created

1.9. Turn your map into a presentation!

2. Uses

2.1. Students can organize thoughts and research

2.2. Great for visual learners

2.3. Teachers can use this tool to create and print graphic organizers

2.4. Create a vocabulary graphic

2.5. Create a character chart for a novel or short story

2.6. Verb conjugation in a foreign language

2.7. Visually chart formulas and uses for math students - ANCHOR CHARTS!

2.8. Create a pacing guide for a unit or semester

2.9. Create collaborative student groups - tool allows for easy rearranging for the next project!

3. What in the World?

3.1. Mind Mapping Web Tool

3.2. Video Tutorial on the Basic Functions