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My Interests by Mind Map: My Interests

1. Family

1.1. Helping Children

1.1.1. Daycare for Children

1.2. Keeping the Home Clean

1.3. Quality Time With Family

1.3.1. A service that provides a place for families to go and fellowship together

2. Food

2.1. Cooking

2.1.1. A restaurant company

2.2. Baking

2.2.1. A cupcake bakery company

2.3. Inventing New Foods

3. Faith

3.1. Youth Ministry

3.1.1. Service that provides children with an after school youth ministry

3.2. Speaking

3.3. Helping the Less Fortunate

3.3.1. A charity to help people in need

4. Health

4.1. Basketball

4.2. Running

4.2.1. A gym company for people to work out and stay healthy

4.3. Cycling