My interests

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My interests by Mind Map: My interests

1. Play games

1.1. Card games

1.2. Video games

1.2.1. Business idea: Make a machine it can that you can play game with 4D.

1.3. Outdoor Games

2. Family

2.1. Food

2.2. watch movie with them

2.2.1. Business idea: Create a facetime that you can use to movie with someone in other country.

2.3. talk to parents

3. Free Time

3.1. Watch movie

3.2. Sleep

3.3. Talk with friends

3.3.1. Business idea: invent a way for you to talk with your friend and don't need WiFi, or phone service.

4. Sports

4.1. Runing

4.1.1. Business idea: Make a running club.

4.2. Bowling

4.3. Climb