Make vs. Do workshop

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Make vs. Do workshop by Mind Map: Make vs. Do workshop

1. DO

1.1. Do" for actions, activities and work is used. It is used in a broad sense, as "performing". In general, these actions and activities do not produce a physical object. Also, we use it in general activities and obligations.

1.1.1. SITUATIONS, EXAMPLES AND SENTENCES Perform activities I do your homework everyday. I did the dishes last night He will do the shopping the next month At the work or in the study We have done a great businness. They are doing a report for the Boss You must do the homework of Math Caring the human body She should do exercise every day. He can do his hair in another place. Can I do your nails please? In general actions Your son has to do something in his life We had done the right thing in that problem. You did the best effort in the game


2.1. It is used when you create, produce or construct something.

2.1.1. SITUATIONS, EXAMPLES AND SENTENCES When you prepare food I will make breakfast tomorrow in the morning My Mom made a delicious dessert. Can I make you a cup of choclate? In a personal reaction My sister has made me laugh with that joke That class makes you sleep My husband has made me happy About Money My Friends have done a lot of money in Japan My company made a big profit the last year. In a relationship You will make many friends in this School My Dad made up that peoblem with my brother. In communications Please,  make me a phone call when you arrive there Why don´t you make a joke to your classmate? My teacher made me a comment about my homework About plans We will make my house They had made a decision with that proyect

3. NOTE: DO also can be an auxiliary.So, DO as an auxiliary and Do as a verb are totaly different

4. NOTE: MAKE will be always the main verb