Demonstrative Pronouns

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Demonstrative Pronouns by Mind Map: Demonstrative Pronouns

1. Time

1.1. It takes as its point of reference when the issuer carries out the speech

1.1.1. Ejemplo Yesterday was a fun day, I hope this day is equal

2. Se refieren

3. Series

3.1. - This, this, this, this and these denote proximity of the point made concerning the issuer; - That, that, that, these and those denote closeness indicated with regard to the receiver; - That, that, that, those men and denote distance indicated with regard to the sender and receiver.

3.1.1. Ejemplos - This is rich - That was very funny - One child plays with me every night

4. Space

4.1. It appears to lard of a story, paragraph or speech

4.1.1. Ejemplo This is a very different decision, that wants to go to the beach and want to go to the movies

5. Orthography

5.1. Current standard

5.1.1. 2010 academic spelling is recommended never to tick demonstration. It is not considered wrong to write with accents if they are pronouns and if there is any ambiguity reisgo and if there is no such risk should not write with accents so never be wrong not to brand them. - Without accent they are correct. - Accented pronouns are incorrect.

5.2. Former Rules

5.2.1. The pronouns this, this, that with its feminine and plural branded but will mostly be lawful if precibe if there is some risk. Since the spelling of the Previous day does not specifically needed the aplicacions of tittle. Algunas reglas Accents where a word which is not desired repeated replaced. Accents when person, animal or thing listed. No accents when the name is not replaced but is determined