Standards and Objectives of the ELL Programs

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Standards and Objectives of the ELL Programs by Mind Map: Standards and Objectives of the ELL Programs

1. TESOL Standards for ELL Immersion

1.1. Importance of ELL Immersion

1.2. TESOL Standards

1.2.1. Starting up

1.2.2. Emerging

1.2.3. Developing

1.2.4. Expanding

1.2.5. Bridging over

1.3. Objective of TESOL

1.4. Teaching strategies

1.4.1. Make lessons auditory, visual, and kinesthetic

1.4.2. Use cooperative learning strategies

1.4.3. Connect content to ELLs’ background knowledge

1.4.4. Modify vocabulary instruction for ELLs


2.1. Objectives

2.1.1. Ensures awareness of the diverse needs of students of different linguistic and cultural backgrounds

2.1.2. Ensures that students are equipped to achieve high academic level in two languages

2.2. Four types of Dual Program

2.2.1. Developmental, or maintenance, bilingual programs

2.2.2. Two-way (bilingual) immersion programs.

2.2.3. Foreign language immersion, language immersion or one-way immersion.

2.2.4. Heritage language programs.

2.3. Program Standards

2.3.1. Assessment and Accountability

2.3.2. Curriculum

2.3.3. Instruction

2.3.4. Staff Quality and Professional Development

2.3.5. Program Structure

2.3.6. Family and Community

2.4. Teaching Strategies

2.4.1. Establish high expectations for achievement for all students

2.4.2. Provide commitment and instructional focus on bilingualism, biliteracy, and multiculturalism

2.4.3. Make lessons visual