Input and Output devices

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Input and Output devices by Mind Map: Input and Output devices

1. examples digital camera.

2. Output devices

2.1. printer

2.1.1. computer

2.2. output devices utilizes whatever data and commands from the computer in order to perform task.

2.3. headphones

2.3.1. projector

3. Input devices

3.1. mouse

3.1.1. keyboard

3.2. input devices is any device that sends data to a computer allowing you to interact with and control the computer.

4. Hardware

4.1. is any physical device used in or with your machine.

5. Software

5.1. is a collection of code installed onto your computer hard drive example the computer monitor you are using to read this text and mouse to navigate

6. I can edit your mind map?

6.1. For security's sake, you may need to change your mind map to be "private". That way you can still share, but others cant make changes to your work. -Brandy