Differentiated Assessment

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Differentiated Assessment by Mind Map: Differentiated Assessment

1. Students with significant knowledge about the topic

1.1. Innovative differentiation strategy

1.1.1. enrichment activities to further their knowledge about the suubject Make a report on a video or article Play educational games

1.2. Assessments to track learning throughout the unit

2. Students with some knowledge but need to develop higher-order thinking skills

2.1. Innovative differentiation strategy

2.1.1. more practice on the few concept(s) they missed Pair / Group discussion Online video or article

2.2. Assessments to track learning throughout the unit

3. Students with limited knowledge about the topic

3.1. Innovative differentiation strategy

3.1.1. Additional instruction on concepts with teacher or video May also introduce the concept for the next class period and have students teach it as a warm-up

3.2. Assessments to track learning throughout the unit

4. General Process

4.1. 1. Give the students a pre-test of key concepts and vocabulary

4.2. 2. Collect the scores and arrange students into stations while students watch a video or read an article as a class

4.3. 3. Assign students to a station