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Skating by Mind Map: Skating

1. Safety

1.1. Tool box talk - identify risks

1.2. Personal Protective Equipment

1.2.1. Helmets are available if you need.

1.2.2. Everyone is encouraged to dress warm. The warm-up shack will be made available if you need to warm up.

1.3. Behaviors and attitudes

1.3.1. Sticks and pucks will be left off the ice until they are needed.

1.3.2. Many different ability levels - look out for each other

2. Materials Required

2.1. Skates

2.2. Sticks

2.3. Pucks

2.4. Warm cloths

2.5. helmets

2.6. Easel pad, markers

2.7. Speed gun XX

2.8. string, tape measure

2.9. Camera, mini tripod

3. How does skating work?

3.1. Spinning

3.1.1. Spinning - What can be done to spin faster or slower?

3.1.2. If a person was spinning and their boot came off, what direction would the boot go, would it continue spinning? (about its center point)

3.2. Mechanics of skating - steel on ice?

3.2.1. Why is steel a good skate blade material? Other materials - Old materials bone, wood, modern materials - other metals, composites, copper, aluminum, ceramics, carbon fibres

3.2.2. Why are speed skates longer? Why are they hinged? They are hinged so that they blade will remain on the ice for a longer period of time. This prolonged contact ensures the blade is melting through the ice for a longer period of time, which in turn prevents a loss of speed during each stride. Are they the same thickness?

3.2.3. Parameters of Ice Fast vs. Slow Pond vs. city water vs. artificial ice

3.2.4. What is the theory behind ThermaBlades? The logic behind ThermaBlades is that the heat from the blade will melt the ice, which will increase the amount of water between the skate and the ice surface. This in turn will make each stride feel like skating on fresh ice, because a decrease in friction and vibration is achieved. This will lead to quicker starts, and more speed with less energy.

3.3. What affects stopping distance when skating?

4. How do you take a good shot?

4.1. Does puck travel faster on the ice or in the air?

4.2. How can a pro shoot a puck 108 mph? puck placement, stick flex, stick length "club head speed", puck initial velocity, player movement

4.2.1. Can I improve my shot? How?

4.3. Does a puck shoot differently than a ball?

5. What is the difference between skating on goalies skates vs regular hockey skates?