7 themes of civilization

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7 themes of civilization by Mind Map: 7 themes of civilization

1. Arts and Education

1.1. Shang,Zhou dynasty

1.1.1. knowledge was taught dy there elders

1.1.2. art in the shang dynasty

1.1.3. people were taught how to use a shild and spear

1.1.4. they developed a complicated form of math

1.2. sumerians

1.2.1. sumerian art

1.2.2. sumerians made there art in marble gold lapis and stone

1.2.3. they kept records of every thing

2. Science and Technology

2.1. Shang,Zhou dynasty

2.1.1. iron weapons were a part of the technology they had

2.1.2. soword in the shang dynisty

2.1.3. the also had bronze technology

2.1.4. mathematics became more advanced in these dynasties

2.2. sumerians

2.2.1. they had wheel technology

2.2.2. there is evidence that they had a form of mathmatics

2.2.3. they had a form of metal works

2.2.4. early sumerian wheel

3. Geography and Agriculture

3.1. sumerians

3.1.1. map of mesopotamia

3.1.2. sumeria is located in the fertile crescent

3.1.3. they developed agriculture techniques like large scale cultivation of land

3.1.4. example of Sumerian farm

3.2. Shang,Zhou dynast

3.2.1. map of zhou and shang dynasty

3.2.2. the shang and Zhou dynasty where divided in 9 regions

3.2.3. the western zouh was built on the wei river

3.2.4. agriculture in china has been directed by the government

4. Religion

4.1. Shang,Zhou dynasty

4.1.1. shang and zhou dynasty where polytheistic

4.1.2. the made bronze sculptures to worship there gods

4.1.3. they also worshiped there ancestors

4.1.4. it was believed that the happier there ancestors where the better the people where

4.2. sumerians

4.2.1. Each city had its own god.

4.2.2. They had a giant temple in the middle of the city called a ziggurat.

4.2.3. The priests would preform rituals and sacrifices

4.2.4. The ziggurat looked like a step pyramid with a flat top.

5. Economy and Trade

5.1. they where forced to trade with neighboring countries

5.2. sumerians

5.2.1. mesopotamia did not have many natural resources

5.2.2. wheat and grains where transported by boat

5.2.3. oils and stones and textiles where transported by foot

5.3. Shang,Zhou dynasty

5.3.1. slaves where a large part of there economy

5.3.2. there economy was controlled by there kings

5.3.3. slaves in china where state owned

5.3.4. the produced many farm products like wheat,rice and livestock

6. Social Structure and Family Life

6.1. Shang,Zhou dynasty

6.1.1. social pyramid of the shang dynasty

6.1.2. there society was ruled by there emperor

6.1.3. they had a standardized language

6.1.4. there was a strict order ranking among the social classes

6.2. Sumerians

6.2.1. video

6.2.2. each of there cities arose around a shrine of there gods

6.2.3. women were not considered equal to men

6.2.4. servants and slaves made up a majority of there population

7. government and leaders

7.1. Shang Zhou Dynasty

7.1.1. there government controls the administration of public policy fore there citizens

7.1.2. ther ruler had to be moral,ethical and good

7.1.3. the rulers subjects had to be loyal

7.1.4. ther goverment structe was based of a thing called the mandate of heaven

7.2. sumerians

7.2.1. each city had its own ruler

7.2.2. the ruler was in charge of building new building and enforcing laws

7.2.3. the king employed scribes to keep records

7.2.4. there government was a monarchy