Strategic Planning Process

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Strategic Planning Process by Mind Map: Strategic Planning Process

1. Only 13% of HR decision-makers describe their approach to resource planning as largely proactive and strategically aligned

1.1. Problem 1

1.1.1. The majority of organisations say they are only able to plan up to a year ahead, that's why they don't make an strategic plan

1.2. Problem 2

1.2.1. Businesses have lost the ability to plan ahead and prioritise what needs to be done to move things forward

2. Strategy includes processes of formulation and implementation

2.1. Idea 2

2.1.1. In the struggle to survive, many organisations have lost the ability to prioritise the building blocks of change and recognise what makes a worthy HR investment altogether.

2.2. Idea 3

2.2.1. Strategic planning helps coordinate both.

3. Develop a Workforce Strategy

3.1. Point 1

3.1.1. Engage senior leaders and understand the business context for change

3.2. Point 2

3.2.1. Review external workforce data relevant to your strategic challenges

3.3. Point 3

3.3.1. Gather the data relating to current workforce challenges and the strategic choices being faced, then align with the organisational strategies

3.4. Point 4

3.4.1. Analyse the results and share initial findings with the leadership team

3.5. Point 5

3.5.1. Develop and implement an Action Plan that is tailored and will drive accountability for execution and results in the organisation

4. Strategic planning

4.1. Is an organization's process of defining its strategy, or direction, and making decisions to pursue this strategy.

4.2. This process involves setting goals, determining actions to achieve the goals, and mobilizing resources to execute the actions

5. Conclusion

5.1. A strategic plan gives us established objectives and goals, it allow us to have a time in which we'll be analysing each one and developing them. We can have a good SWOT analysis to allow us to see what are our business threats and opportunities in which we can gain a competitive advantage that allows us to pursue strategies to reach the best for the company. It allows us to be openminded to new plans for more years and focus on where we want to direct our company and we want to achieve in a certain time.